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frequently asked questions


What is the Chef's Teasing Platter?

If you are looking at the Chef’s Teasing Platter as part of “Show & Dinner” style ticket, here are some things to note:

The Teasing Platter is designed individually, ensuring dietary requirements and allergy notes are met with the greatest of care

The Teasing Platter consists of 4-5 items from our menu picked by the Chef on the day of your event. Any platters that are ordered on the day, or have dietary changes made on the day may see a difference to other guests at the event.

The 4-5 items picked are a smaller portion size to their menu counterparts. It is designed this way in order for you to have a little taste (or tease) of the items. For a person with a smaller appetite, the platter may suffice as a “meal”, and for those looking to try a few more things, this gives you the opportunity to order more of your favourite teases, or try some other items from the menu.

All of our items are prepared fresh daily. This means that while we endevour to provide all guests with a similar teasing platter, items may run out due to popular demand or dietary needs, meaning some platters may have substitute items.

For more information, you can always contact us on the day of your event to find out which items are likely to be included. The best contact at all times is or to call us after 2pm on 03 8582 6692.



How long is the show?

Our Friday & Saturday Night Grind shows currently start at 8PM and run for approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours; It is split into 2 acts with a 20 minute interval in the middle. The time varies depending on the length of the individual acts and the amount of interludes the host provides. For any special events of guest productions, please check the details for that specific event on our 'What's On' page. If any information is unclear or unavailable, please email us at


Who is performing?

We work with a rotating cast of our resident performers and special guests - no two shows are ever exactly the same! Usually our cast for the upcoming weekend shows is announced on our social media (Facebook & Instagram) on Monday. Cast is subject to change due to performer availability.


Is the venue accessible for wheelchair users?

Unfortunately we are not fully accessible. The main bar/restaurant is at ground level and easily accessible, however due to the age of the building our bathrooms are located upstairs. We are across the road from a hospital which has accessible bathrooms that can be used in a pinch.


Can I book for a group?

Absolutely, we'd love to host your group! For groups of up to 8 guests you can book as usual via our website. For larger groups please contact us to set up your booking so that we can arrange table layouts accordingly - visit our GROUPS page for more information


Someone in my group has a severe allergy, can you cater to us?

At Bar Pigalle we pride ourselves on our ability cater to all dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, Halal and so on) as well as the major allergens (Coeliac, gluten intolerance, nut anaphylaxis/intolerance, dairy allergy/intolerance and so on). With enough notice (more than 24hrs), we can also cater to more extreme and complex allergies, to ensure every guest has a selection of dishes to try. For any special requirements, please email us at


What time are last orders?

Our kitchen is regularly open Wednesday to Saturday until 9.30pm. For external productions or events this time may vary. Last orders adhere to our licensing rules; This means that while we will serve until late Wednesday-Saturdays, our staff reserve the right to call last orders earlier than our license, depending on how busy the service is.


I'm running late for my booking... what do I do?

Travelling through Melbourne can be tough, we understand! If you think you may be late, let us know. Our policy is to hold your table for up to 15minutes, and without any contact we may have to give it away after this point to someone on our wait list. Communication is key! Just give us a call on 03 8582 6692 to let our staff know. If they do not pick up on first try (busy service means we cannot answer every call) do not fear! Try again, but know that we endeavour to return every missed call.


What is included in ticket price?

Our Friday & Saturday Night show ticket is $40 per person, you can choose to add a Chef’s teasing platter for an additional $25 per person. All other food and drinks to be paid on the night of consumption. When you create a booking or ticket this includes table reserved seating for your group.


Can we bring our own birthday cake?

Yes, you're welcome to bring your own cake and our staff can plate it for you. Just make sure to let us know in advance. Cakeage fee is $3 per head. Or chat to our staff to pre-order desserts from our kitchen for your table.

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